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Creating an Event

Under the Events tab or on the Dashboard you will see a link to Events. This is where you can add, edit and control the events promoted on your site. To add a new event, click the Add link below where it says Events. 

This will open the event editor. 

As always, when you are editing or creating an event do not forget to save often. This will prevent you from losing any work

Understanding the FullPanel Events Editor 

General Tab

Status - This allows you to set the event as active or inactive. By changing the status to inactive, it will not be seen by anyone.

Featured - There are two options, yes and no. When set as yes, it will appear as the featured event shown on your homepage and/or internal page side column. This makes it more noticeable to the visitor of the website. 

Title - A short title describing the media. 

Description - This is where you put the content you would like to include about the event. 

Publish date - Enter today’s date and time for immediate publishing. 

Location Tab

Here you can add the location of the event with full address to generate a link to directions in the event information. 

Photo Tab 

Here you can choose a photo from your computer and upload it to the event. 

Registration Tab

Registration – This is where you determine is the event requires registration or not, and if so, does it require payment.

Instructions – Here you can add instructions for the site visitor to register for the event.

Registration Date – This is the date by which people must register for the event.

Notify Email – Here you enter the email address of the person you want to receive notification when someone registers for the event.

Registration Options Tab 

Here you enter the registration price of the event if payment is necessary. You also must add a label to determine which event the payment is for. 

Registered List Tab

FullPanel will compile a list of registered attendees that you can export by clicking Export List as CSV at the bottom of your list.