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Creating New Media

Under Content > Media you will see the existing Media. At this time, all media is video. To add a new video, click the Add link on top of the table. 

Once in the editor, you will be able to add information pertaining to the video. 

As always, when you are editing or creating a page do not forget to save often. This will prevent you from losing any work. 

Understanding the FullPanel Media Editor

General Tab

Status - This allows you to set the file as active or inactive. By changing the status to inactive, it will not be seen by anyone. The most relevant and current Media should be set as active.

Title - A short title describing the media. 

Speaker - The name of the speaker or host of the media piece. 

Publish Date - This should be today’s date or the date that it took place. 

Featured - There are two options, yes and no. When set as yes, it will go to the top of the list. This makes it more noticeable to the visitor of the website. 

Series/ Group - If your media piece is part of an ongoing series mark it here, and the videos will be grouped. 

Video Embed Tab

Here you will copy and paste the video link from a host source, i.e. YouTube. Most host sites will have a link to click on to copy the code for the video. 

There are two sizes for the media, 600x450 or 300x225. Copy and paste the source code in the size that you think would be best. 

Assignment Tab

Here, you are able to assign the video to a location within the website. This will make it accessible via a certain page or area of the site. 

Featured Sort Tab

Here you will be able to sort the Featured Media. To move media up or down the list, click the arrow to the left of the title. This will change the order on the main site. 

Put the most relevant on the top