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Homepage Photos

Changing the Homepage Photo

Under Content > Homepage Photos you will see the existing homepage photos. To add a photo, click the Add link on top of the table. 

Once in the editor you will be able to upload and add information about your new homepage photo. 

As always, when you are editing or creating something new do not forget to save often. This will prevent you from losing any work

Understanding the FullPanel Homepage Photo Editor

Status - This allows you to set the photo as active or inactive. By changing the status to inactive, it will not be seen by anyone. Only one photo can be active at once. 

Title - A point of reference used to describe the photo.

Caption – Here you may enter a caption for the photo.

Image - Here you can choose the image from your computer and upload it to FullPanel.

The size the graphic must be prior to uploading is also listed here. 

Link URL - Here you can add the URL of the page you want to take the visitor if they click the homepage photo.