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Adding a Callout to Your Site

Adding a Callout 

Under Content > Callouts you will see a list of the existing callouts you have uploaded to your site. This is where you can add, edit and control the callouts on your site. To add a new callout graphic, click the Add link at the top.

Once in the editor you will be able to and add information about your new callout graphic. 

As always, when you are editing or creating something new do not forget to save often. This will prevent you from losing any work. 

Understanding the FullPanel Callouts Editor 

Status - This allows you to set the callout as active or inactive. By changing the status to inactive, it will not be seen by anyone on any page, even if it has previously been assigned to a page. 

Title – A point of reference used to describe the purpose of the callout.

Default Photo – Here you can choose the graphic file from your computer and upload it to FullPanel.

The size the graphic must be prior to uploading is also listed here. 

URL - Here you can add the URL of the page you want to take the visitor if they click the callout. 

Target - Here you can choose “_self” which will open the URL in the current window or “_blank” which will open the URL in a new browser window.

Selecting Callouts for a Page

To designate which callout(s) you want featured on a particular page you will need to select them in the page editor. Once you have that page opened in the page editor, choose Callouts from the left menu. 

Here you will see a list of available callouts. To assign one to the page, click the green + to the left of the callout graphic. 

The callouts you have assigned to the page will appear at the top. You can change the order in which they will appear on the page by clicking the green arrows to the left of the callout graphic.