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Creating News or Articles 

Under the Content tab you will see News & Articles. On this page you will find all news and articles published to your site. To add News or Articles click the Add link on top of the table. 

This editor is very similar to the page editor. 

As always, when you are editing or creating a page do not forget to save often. This will prevent you from losing any work

Understanding the FullPanel News & Article Editor

This editor is very similar to the Pages editor. 

General Tab

Status - This allows you to set active or inactive. By changing the status to inactive, it will not be seen by anyone. The most relevant and current news and articles should be set as active.

Author - You can select any of the administrators as the author of the article.

Title - How the page name will appear at the top of all other content.

Teaser - This is not required. If you want to enter something, it will be featured as a short “teaser” before the link to the main article. 

Body - This is where you put the content you would like in your news or article. With the tool bar, you have the ability to use the editor like you would any word processor. 

Assignment Tab

This is the location assignment for your new News or Article. By checking the gray box to the left of the subject, this will place the news or article in that location on the website. For example, you may need to add the article to the News page, to your Blog or to be featured on the Home Page.

Photos Tab

Here you can choose a photo from your computer and upload it to the page. This tab allows you to title the photo, as well as make a caption for the photo. 

Related Articles Tab

This tab allows you to link your article to other articles you have created. At the bottom of your article on the webpage there will be links to the related articles. Keep the related articles to a minimum (two or three). 

To select a related article, check the gray box to the left of the desired article.

The articles are organized by assignment. 

PDF Files Tab 

Here you can upload a PDF to your page and manage your PDFs as well. 

Meta Data Tab

(Information used by search engines)

Metadata is structured data which describes the characteristics of a resource. Every website page contains meta information that describes the contents and other properties of your website.

URL - This will be created for you from your page name (short). You should not worry so much about this function. 

Meta Title - A short title, up to 70 characters long, which can be viewed at the very top of your web page. 

Meta Keywords - Meta keyword tags are an optional feature. The only purpose of these meta tags, since they do not even appear on the page, is to list the keywords most relevant to the webpage for better, more accurate search engine identification.

Meta Description - A description around 200 characters long that is not visible on the actual website but appears when your website shows up in a search engine.

Editing an Article 

Under the Content > News & Articles you will see a list of the existing pages. To the left of each page there is a link that says Edit. Click on this link to edit the desired page.

Deleting an Article 

Under the Content > News & Articles you will see a list of the existing pages. To the left of each page there is a small box that allows you to check. Select the desired pages to delete the scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a Delete Selected link.