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Adding an Administrator 

In the Admin tab you can control access to the content management system. Existing users can be deleted from the system or their login information can be edited. Additionally, new users can be added using the Add button in the top left corner. 

Enter the name, email address and desired password for the new user. Press Save to complete the entry. 

Deleting an Administrator 

To delete an administrator, check the box to the left of the administrator that you wish to delete. Then, scroll to the bottom and click Delete.

Managing Roles & Permissions 

To add or manage the roles in this section, you need to understand what this means. The highest power, with the ability to change everything, is the Administrator. You may also add a Limited role with editing capabilities limited to just one section or area of FullPanel. 

Go to Admin>Roles & Permissions, and click the Add Link on the left side on top of the table. 


Name the role, and set as limited access. 


Check the box next to the feature you would like the new role to access. 

After you have create a new role, you can create a new administrator and assign this role to the new person. They will only have access to the selected areas when they sign into FullPanel.

Managing Forms

The Forms section located under Admin is where you assign recipients to receive email notification when a user fills out any form on your website.

Adding a Recipient

To add a recipient, enter their name and email address in the corresponding fields and click Add. You may add as many recipients to a form as you would like.

Deleting a Recipient

To delete a recipient, click the red X to the right of the name.